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Tree surgeon


The site visit let's us assess the tree and offer suggestions on how best to manage it whilst making sure your needs are catered for. It may be a simple trim or more substantial cut back, either way we'll advise.

2Preparing the area

We need to secure the area making sure only our team are able to come into the cutting zone to maximise safety on site.

The offcuts, branches, leaves and shavings are all collected up and removed.

3Beginning work on the tree

We'll corden off the area and then begin work on the tree. One man cuts whilst the other will maintain the working area and gather up the debris. Our chipper will be ready to begin breaking up the branches.

4Completing the project

The work area will have been kpt tidy during the work phase so to finish up is simply a matter of raking and sweepig the area to get rid of any broken bits of twig or leaves.

safety notice!

Tree surgeons are fully trained and understand the life cycles of trees as well as the problems trees can have. We are fully insured and trained so you are guaranteed a professional service.

Based in West Sussex, we provide professional tree felling and other services around Chichester and Bognor Regis, and also across both Surrey and Hampshire. To talk to us about your tree that needs to be felled, simply call 01243 641427 for a no obligation discussion.

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