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Hedge trimming

Managing and caring for your hedges and hedgerows


Each job is different and so our on site assessment let's us see how the hedge has grown and what action to take to either maintain it of remove it.

A nice healthy hedge is a pleasure to look at and also provides a home for many animals.

2Preparing the area

We make sure we have enough room to work, but also need to make sure its safe for anyone else in the area.

Because we may be using ladders and machinery we also need to make sure cars etc are not in the way.

3Working on the hedge

If we're going to trim the hedge we first decide how much by and then consider the shape and condition of the overall hedge.

There's a lot of debris so we extract the rubbish whilst we work to keep a clear and safe working area.

4Finishing the hedge

The final shape of the hedge obviously has to fit in with the surroundings, but it's also important to make sure the hedge is healthy and can grow new leaf where necessary.

If we have had to remove the hedge completely, we make sure the roots and stump are gone so you can work on replanting or turfing the area.


safety notice!

It may be you simply need the hedge to be trimmed back and got back under control or you may be looking to completely remove the hedge and stumps to lay turf or plant a new hedgerow.

All of these jobs take time and create lots of mess with the amount of debris you end up with so save yourself a job and let us do the work for you.

We recommend two maintenance visits per year that will keep the hedge in tip top shape.

Based in West Sussex, we provide professional hedge trimming and other services around Chichester and Bognor Regis, and also across both Surrey and Hampshire. To talk to us about your tree that needs to be felled, simply call 01243 641427 for a no obligation discussion.

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